Demijohns are not just for brewing!

I very rarely throw anything away these days. Not just because I don’t like waste, but because there is often a lot of dye stuff left in a “spent bath”, which I can use for raffia, or to redye something else if I just add a little more dye.

I don’t have enough space in the freezer or fridge to keep the liquors for a week or more, though!

I have found Demijohns very good. Very very good. As long as the bottle is very clean and the liquor is poured right after using, with a tight fitting cork, the liquor keeps for a week or more without obvious signs of deterioration.

And of course you can find them cheap second-hand these days, as fewer people brew their own wine and beer. Just need somewhere to put them!

The most important thing is to label everything. Trust me, it is very easy to forget what the liquids are after a very short time 😉


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