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About Us

People, animals and the environment are delicate and very vulnerable to damage. Traditional Dye Works is a new business  based in Birmingham, UK,  which specialises in naturally dyed textiles. Natural dyes have been used for millennia and produce a depth of colour which cannot be rivaled by artificial dyes. We believe in beauty produced with kindness and hope we will be making a small contribution to the preservation of a precious world. We keep our costs down and make a commitment to offer you quality beauty at the best possible price.

Among the dyes we use, we love onion skins. They produce a  range of glorious golden shades and patterns. We also love indigo and woad for blues, cochineal for reds and pinks, madder for reds and oranges, weld for yellows and logwood for purples. And, of course, combinations of all these. We  also use pomegranate skins, which produce a lovely acid yellow colour, and a variety of other natural, often foodsafe, dyes.We do not use pollutant chemicals, harsh on both the environment and skin. We only dye natural materials, sourced in the UK. We purchase our dyes through a UK supplier who sources them in an ethical way which encourages small producers and farms rather than big business.

Our thanks to...

We would like to thank Teresinha Roberts from Wild Colours for her support and seemingly endless knowledge about natural dyes.

We are grateful to the staff at the Streetly Balti restaurant, from where we get our supply of onion skins.

We would also like to thank Mike Roberts from Wild Paper for a wealth of very practical information on setting up the website.

Contact us at or 00 44 (0) 7767 157 565.

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